Pasigarbo sa USC 2014



Carolinians gathered as Pasigarbo sa USC culminates the school year kick-off at USC-Talamban Campus Basketball Court on June 20, 2014.

Pasigarbo sa USC is the culminating activity of the Week of Welcome (W.O.W. USC) spearheaded and organized by the Supreme Student Council.

W.O.W. USC is a week-long event to welcome Carolinians and open the new school year. It started in a Holy Mass on June 16 and its climax is the so-called Pasigarbo sa USC.

The Pasigarbo features several Carolinian talents from different colleges and campuses to showcase them as pride of the university. Among these Carolinian talents are USC Choristers, Dance Troupe, Theater Guild, Dance Club, GPS Band, ECE Band, Gestalt, Kickstart, Crossbreeds, Drop Decay, Virtuoso, Cebu Elite Beatboxers, Equivocals, CoEd’s All Star, Tres Divas, CAS Cheerdance and Pop Jazz, SHCP Pop Jazz, Nikki Shan, Forstfire, Goodvibez, IE Groovers, Kinesyx, Y Direction, Synthia Caballero and Pia Jayme.

A series of band performances launched the event and the formal opening was conducted by the USC Choristers. At the highlights of the program, Carolinians cheered for the presentation of their colleges and its talents.

Hieroglyph-like images adorned the stage as the Pasigarbo sa USC went Egyptian-themed. Several of the talents also opted for some tint of gold and silver to go with the event’s theme.

A feature of the event was the in-between segments of college walks from the various colleges of USC. A representative pair from each college ramps on stage and flaunts their attire which represents of the image of their respective college.

The Pasigarbo ended with the awarding ceremony for the different activities of W.O.W. USC. Awardees went on stage for picture-taking together with the SSC who facilitated the event.

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