Self importance is more and more coming to the forefront of mental health. We’re learning that self-love is necessary for a healthy mind. If we don’t love ourselves, how can we expect others to?

Being important is something we give ourselves daily. We need to know our worth so we go out and get jobs, find partners and even take care of our bodies all on our own . It’s easy to see why people with low self esteem or poor body image struggle – they feel unimportant and unworthy of all these good things in life!

Luckily there are some very simple ways you can remind yourself of your importance without having to rely on anyone else:

1) Do something nice for yourself

There’s nothing like getting a new outfit or that nice book you’ve wanted to remind yourself you’re important. What’s more, it only takes a few minutes so there’s no excuse not to do something nice for yourself!

2) A little self-care goes a long way

Taking the time out of your busy day to cook some healthy food or pamper yourself can really help boost your mood and give you energy for the rest of the day, plus it’ll help improve your mental health too!

3) Do what makes you happy

It may sound silly but taking on new hobbies is an easy way to build skills that will make you feel good about yourself. You might learn how to knit or take up running – whatever makes you smile! You could even volunteer somewhere or try things you’ve always wanted to like dance lessons or cooking classes. It’s never too late to make a change in your life!

4) Maintain healthy relationships

If you don’t love yourself it can be easy to look for validation in other people, which often leads to poor relationships that breed self doubt and even spiral into mental illness. Make sure you surround yourself with positive people who build up rather than tear down. Remember that everyone has their flaws so there’s no need to put someone else on a pedestal!

5) Be proud of your achievements

It’s easy to focus on our flaws but focusing on what we’re good at is just as important if not more so. What have been your biggest achievements lately? Have you gotten a new job? Have you completed any house projects? Did you do well on your exams? By focusing on our strengths we are reminded that there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Our self importance is an important factor in feeling happy and healthy so don’t ever let yourself forget it. Always remember that you are just as worthy, just as beautiful and just as important as anyone else!

“The self-help movement, although noble in its intent, has given rise to a generation of young adults who tie their sense of self-worth to their ability to solve problems alone.” – David Sbarra Ph.D., University of Arizona Department of Psychology.

Stress Less! When it comes to managing stress, having low self esteem can really cause problems as often we don’t feel like we’re worth all that much so why bother taking care of ourselves? However; it’s actually one of the most important things we can do for our mental health so here are some simple ways to help you feel a little more self-loving.

1) Give yourself a time limit

If you’re struggling, try setting yourself a time limit of say 30 minutes and then when that’s up, reward yourself with something nice like watching your favourite TV show or having some cake! It only takes 5 minutes of meditation before we start feeling less stressed so just imagine how much it could improve your life and mood in 30 minutes!

2) Get rid of negative people

It’s not always easy but removing toxic people from your life is one of the best things you can do for both yourself and your mental health. Often if they’ve been around for a long time then they’ve slowly chipped away at our self love until we let them take complete control of our lives. If this sounds like someone you know, then slowly start removing them – you’ll be surprised how much more empowered and confident you’ll feel!

3) Embrace the little things

Instead of focusing on what’s stressing us out or scaring us, remind yourself that it’s okay to feel sad or angry sometimes. Instead, focus on finding small ways to help you feel better about yourself such as looking nice, listening to your favourite song or even just having a hot bath with some bubbles! The simplest things can make the biggest changes so remember that feeling good starts with building up your self esteem!

4) Be proud of yourself

Our self importance is an important factor in feeling happy and healthy so don’t ever let yourself forget it. Always remember that you are just as worthy, just as beautiful and just as important as anyone else!

One thing to always remember is that nobody’s perfect – everyone has flaws! So if you’re looking to become a little bit more self-loving then why not try working on some things that will eventually make you feel more confident?

5) Forgive yourself for past mistakes

If we can’t learn from our mistakes how are we meant to get better? We all make them but what matters most is learning from them. If you’ve ever done anything you regret or think of your flaws, don’t hate on yourself – instead try.

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