On Tuesday, in collaboration with several other collegiate organizations, Collegiate Engineering Council (CEC) once again kicked off its annual Zumba night in celebration of this year’s Technological Center (TC) Days. This year’s theme, “Zoomba Night: Unleash the Beast”, highlighted the dedication of the Warriors, not only as academic performers, but also as agile dancers to fitness jives of Latin dominance.

Promptly at 7:30 p.m., the event, hosted by CEC’s Norch Honoridez, started with a production number by the SAS Royale, drawing the crowd to the center court. Participants were then invited to dance, led by Holiday’s Gym and Spa Zumba experts and trainers.

After a few rounds of warm-up, the USC Echo entered the court with an elaborate cheerleading routine, adding fuel to the already-burning fire. As the performance ended, crowds of people again covered the square to dance.

Water stations were spread around the square, but quickly ran out of drinking water; however, it was only until a few more rounds of aerobic routine that the crowd dance ended. An awarding ceremony, headed by Jodimarie Tio, Zoomba Night’s main organizer, concluded the event at exactly 8:45 p.m. The two best male and female dancers of the night received gift certificates as prizes,

This year’s TC Days, themed “TC Days 2015: The Elements”, has more events to offer: Ascend – Praise Jam (Wednesday), Elan Vitale: Class Sociale – Flair (Friday), and the most awaited, Mr. and Ms. TC 2015 (Saturday).

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