llustration by Jon Ahmed Durano

In the beginning, when I began to create the laws of the heavens and the earth, the earth was naught but void, darkness-engulfed.

It was I, the Alpha, who ran my fingers through the console. Then there was light. I declared the light separate from the darkness, calling light “day”, and darkness, “night”. It was good.

I continued my creation for six more days, my omnipotent hands waltzing through my console.

On the second day, the earth and the seas came to be.

On the third, plants of different shades flourished across the land.

On the fourth, chaos birthed the bearers of light in the skies.

The fifth, the creatures that soared high and those that swam deep took their first breaths.

The sixth, my masterpiece — the pinnacle of my genius, Man, and with him, Woman — was born from the earth.

All of them, my creation. All of them, good.

On the seventh day, I put down the console. I desired for a day of peace, a chance for me to marvel at the greatness of what this gear has granted me.

Yet as I look in awe at my creation, dissatisfaction stirred within me. With the power of my console, more can be made. More beauty. More genius.

On the eighth day, I ascended back to my throne in the heavens, contemplating on how my creation can progress — how perfection can be transcended. Thus, the darkest of thoughts came to me. Can sin, the entropy within the heart, be the cause for greater heights? One step back from perfection to take three steps forth?

I opened my eyes to all possible futures, scrutinizing the smallest of details. The features and the bugs. The fall of Man and Woman. The Crucifixion. The Industrial Revolution. The World Wars. The Age of Cyberspace. All that began, all that ended. All of redemption, all of sin.

I smiled at what I saw.

One day, Man and Woman will take this console from me. They will shape the world as they see it fit. After all, even if the thought is a phantasm I desire to expel, they will be the Alphas and the Omegas in their own right.

The sun has risen and fallen. It is the ninth day, and my fingers waltzed through the console, and played one more thought into Man and Woman: the desire for the knowledge of good and evil. Like a traitorous serpent it crawled through their minds, my longing for more reflected on their psyche.

On the tenth day, sin, the greatest demonstration of my love, was born.

It was good.

It was enough.

The world shall be better.

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