USC Student’s Night, more popularly known as Gadja, was celebrated last August 29 at the USC Talamban Campus Basketball Court. Gadja, which is a combination of the words garbo and sadya, is a merrymaking activity organized especially for the benefit of the students. It has become an annual event in USC and is celebrated at the end of the USC days.

To most people, Gadja is all about the partying and the rave. However, more than anything, it is a night to gather and interact with students from different schools and acknowledge student organizations that are not registered in the Office of Student Affairs. Gadja is also a medium to inform students about the projects the Supreme Student Council (SSC) has done so far, namely: IDiscount, ED Caravan and STEM.

This year’s Gadja showcased the talents of the USC students through different performances by different people as well as booths from the event’s numerous sponsors and student organizations.

One of the major sponsors, Pony, hosted a search for the next Pony Ambassador. The search requires students to drop by their booth and take a selfie. While several hopefuls lined up, the court was serenaded with acoustic songs and covers sung by Kara and Kris Alongata, Mike Cadavero and the local band, Chasing Daisies.

Local artists, WR, Soika and Kidlat were invited to work on a live mural painting situated at the center of the court. Created by the artists on the spot, the mural was a combination of the different characters of each artist which they wish to portray. As a spoof of the famous sculpture The Pieta, it resulted to a picture that depicts life and death as the artists perceive it.

Since Gadja is in partnership with Monster Radio and Dimsum Break, Monster Radio DJs hosted The Great Dimsum Challenge. The first and second round challenges were both won through finishing each challenge with the fastest time to consume the food. The Monster DJs also gave away free Monster shirts for those who can answer their trivia questions.

There were also performances from the night’s main band, the Three Legged Men. After which, students began crowding the stage as the Go Brothers amped up the vibe with their dance performance. Following the Go Brothers, Carolinian DJs Jerome Salseda and Toffi Jamiro pumped up heartbeats with their tracks. When the rave was in full swing, people went in waves to the very center of the fun

The night ended with the fireworks display on the Soccer field. The lights lit up the night’s sky and illuminated half of the field

You just gadja be there! There was simply no better way to conclude this year’s USC Days than a night filled with positive vibes, upbeat music and wholesome fun.

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