The University of San Carlos launched its week-long USC Days through an opening celebration in the Anselmo Bustos Gym in the Downtown Campus earlier today.

The event kicked off with the entry of colors and the intramurals banners led by the USC band and  athletes, respectively. This was followed by a production number from the USC Dance Troupe.

The athletes from the different schools, namely: Senior High School (SHS), School of Education (SOE), School of Law and Governance (SLG), School of Health Care Professions (SHCP), School of Architecture, Fine Arts and Design (SAFAD), School of Business and Economics (SBE), and School of Arts and Sciences (SAS), were presented together with their respective representatives for Mr. and Ms. Intramurals 2016.

The invocation was led by Fr. Jun Balai, SVD, University Chaplain of the Downtown Campus, followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem and USC Hymn.

Fr. Dionisio Miranda, the university president, delivered a welcoming message saying that amidst diversity, “…we still continue to be brothers and sisters.”

The raising of the banners of each school was then commenced by the candidates of the Mr. and Ms. Intramurals 2016. All athletes took the Oath of Sportsmanship and Fr. Miranda officially declared the intramural activities open.

Afterward, the crowd went wild as their candidates conquered the stage showing off their grace and poise. For Mr. Intramurals, the second runner-up was from SAFAD, first runner-up was from SOE, and SLG aced the title. For Ms. Intramurals, SHS grabbed the title followed by SBE and SAS in first and second place, respectively.

The different cheer dancers representing the different schools showed off their prowess in dancing and performing stunts in the cheer dance competition. After all the performances, all of them got together for a dance showdown, followed by another performance by the USC Dance Club. Ms. CESAFI second runner-up Luzenne Sanchez Jones also performed a violin rendition. Next, Fr. Miranda performed the ceremonial toss, along with Mr. and Ms. Intramurals 2016 and the SBE basketball players.

SAFAD emerged as the victors in the cheer dance competition, followed by SED and SAS in first and second place, respectively.

The USC Days 2016, an open-house celebration which lasts until Aug. 27, is a parade of various sports and non-sports events, symposia, and community extension services that involves the different stakeholders of the university.

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