The University of San Carlos held its 12th Entrepreneurs Fair last Sept. 18 – 20. The three-day event, which aims to showcase the products, offerings and services of the 3rd and 4th year students of BA – Entrepreneurship took place at  the ActivitAyala Center Cebu and is held once every semester.

The event places the students in a real market setup, with their own booths to run, and consequently treats them as equals to any other vendors within the premises. This gives them exposure and an opportunity to practice professionalism within the industry.

A mass was held at 12:30 pm to commemorate the opening of the fair.

The Talent Night, held on Sept. 19, showcased the varied presentations of the candidates, ranging from serenades to gymnastics and even a boxing exhibition. The event ended with a song number from the JPIA (Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants) singing champions.

Mr. and Ms. Entrepreneurs Fair was held the day after and presented the different corporate attires and theme wears of the candidates as well as the recipients of the minor and major awards.

Minor awards and their winners, respectively, included: Mr. and Ms. Talent – Carlos Chu Santos and Charmaine Jaclan; Mr. and Ms. Social Media – Rey Tacder and Sabrina Borromeo; Mr. and Ms. Photogenic – Steven Lao and Sabrina Borromeo; Best in Production – Vince Maslog and Angelica Pantaliano; Best in Corporate Attire – Carlos Chu Santos and Denise Flores; and Best in Theme Wear – Vince Maslog and Angelica Pantalian.

The event was concluded with the giving of the major awards:  2nd runner ups Mr. Carlos Chu Santos and Ms. Denise Flores, 1st runner ups Mr. Vince Maslog and Ms. Angelica Pnataliano and, crowned as the winners of Mr. and Ms. Entrepreneurs’ Fair, Mr. Ralf Camacho and Ms. Lyka Galeos.

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