Once again, inspirations and meaningful life realizations are brought home as IdeaLab, together with TEDx Lead Organizer Bryant Gonzales, brings back TEDx to the University of San Carlos in time for its second anniversary last August 20, 2016 at the Michael Richartz Tourism Center at the USC-Talamban Campus.

TED, which stands for Technology, Education and Design, is a non-profit organization with a mission to share “ideas worth spreading” in the form of short, powerful talks. TEDx, on the other hand, is an independently organized TED event that localizes the talks to be relevant to the immediate community.

This year’s theme “TEDx University of San Carlos: WHY NOT?” is a call to action directed towards the current generation to think outside the box, encouraging everyone to find different approaches to different aspects of life. With this, TEDxUSC: Why Not? speakers are experts in their fields with ideas worth spreading towards the Carolinian student body. As disclosed by TEDxUSC on their Facebook page, here are this year’s TEDx speakers: Donald Lim, the current Chief Digital Marketer of ABS-CBN; Ka Bino Guerrero, a heritage tour guide; Br. Bela Lanyi, SVD, an architect and professor at USC’s School of Architecture, Fine Arts and Designs and the Lantawan Magazine Editor-in-Chief; Josua Cabrera, Sun Star Cebu’s very own Art Chief; Julia Menchavez, Project Lead and Backend Web Developer for Channel Fix;  Januar Yap, a professor of journalism and literature at the University of the Philippines-Cebu and a recipient of Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature; Marnie Racaza, a teacher from St. Theresa’s College; and Neil Kilantar, the current Head of the USC Office of Students’ Affairs, and a registered psychologist who does counseling for the LGBT, children and adults.

Eight competent TEDx speakers simply means eight sets of astounding ideas that are worth spreading.

How to Earn Your First Millions From YouTube.

Dr. Donald Lim, one of the only 24 Certified Professional Marketers in the country started of the talk entitled “How to Earn Your First Millions From YouTube”. As mentioned by Dr. Lim, his job is to monitor ABS-CBN’s marketing media, making and assuring ABS-CBN to always be on the top. However, he said that it fascinated him how two little kids on YouTube (KidzToys- Unboxing) have placed number one in the Philippine’s YouTube channel over ABS-CBN. Dr. Lim also shared to the audiences that YouTube pays its content creators $1 for every 1,000.

Colon, Nganong Di?

Historian Ka Bino Guerrero strongly promotes the love we Cebuano should have towards Colon. In his talk, he shared his wonderful experiences in full Bisaya, saying that Colon has a lot to offer, from tailoring shops and shoe shining to movies. However, it saddens everyone how Colon is now associated with crimes such as budol-budol and snatching.

Nibiya mog Colon kay nakakita mog bag-o. Gusa, higugmaa ang Colon, kay walay muhigugma sa Colon kung dili kita,” said Ka Bino as he ended his talk.

Architecture of Life

Bro. Bela Lanyi, SVD, talked about the beauty of architecture, how architecture is more than what it is, and how architecture is associated with lots of problems in the society.

Br. Lanyi said, “Architects are not made to create monuments for themselves.”

Lakang Ang Mga Detalye Sa Walay Kahumanang Pagbagtas

                Sun Star’s Art Chief Mr Josua Cabrera presented the audience his sample comic art works that depicts the current scenario of the country and the different traits of Filipinos. He also highlighted the presence of Red and Blue, two dogs that are always present throughout his comic works. As the story goes on, it has become more engaging since the story highlighted more funny images and characters.

“Suroya ang mga skina ug skinita. Ang dagko ug gagmayng dalan subayon, ilailahon. Tanang suoksuok, suhitoha. Aron, bisag asa ka padulong, bisag unsa kalayon imong malakaw, dili ka masaag, ug makauli ka nga dala ang bag-ong sugilanon,” Mr. Cabrera said.

A Software Developer’s Secret to Life

“Life is composed of two cups of unclear direction, five tablespoons of unmet goals and piles of temporary fixes,” said Julia Menchavez on her talk. As a programmer, she adheres to a lot of changes and adaptation, and it is also applicable in one’s life. She said, “”our goals would always be there, but throughout the course of our life, we are bound to thorough encoding of codes and adapting to new situations and changes.” Also, she got the attention of some of the more well-versed members of the crowd when she said that at some point of her life, she felt a Dementor sucking her own soul.

She said, “Expectations don’t really equal reality.”

Ang Kinabuhi Kong Walking Distance

Januar Yap adheres to the dynamism of language, meaning that we don’t just speak a certain language, but often mix it with others. He started his talk with a “conyo” conversation of a jailed drug addict. He said that no one would have only one language in his life. Rather, sometimes in a prose, a poem or novel there will always be a mixture of different languages, which in a way provides a deeper meaning. Yap ended his talk with a poem from his favorite writer, a mixture of Tagalog and English that remarkably touched the crowd’s heart.

Why Not Befriend With Crisis?

                Crisis will always be there, said Marnie Racaza, who claimed that she has lost her own self during the past few years. She also said that some might have experienced it already, will experience it, or it’s just around the corner, but rest assured, everyone will be hit by it.

Lessons from a part time psychologist and full time lover

                Registered psychologist Neil Kilantar shared through his talk about the lessons you’ll have from love. Four lessons, namely: Fight well, repair, be friends, and collect happy moments.

When asked about the outcome of the event, TEDxUSC Lead Organizer, Bryant Gonzales said, “It’s very much a success. Because to start from scratch with the organizers, all students who have their own lives, most are graduating— including me, I hope so. And, look at all the number of attendees, this is a record here in Cebu! I am happy being a middleman of connecting ideas, between the speakers and the attendees.” When asked about what his vision for TEDxUSC in the near future, Gonzales simply answered, “TEDx Cebu in 2017.”

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