The SWU Cobras seizes victory as this year’s CESAFI Volleyball-Men champions after winning the first and second finals games at the USC Gymnasium last Oct. 17 and 18.

With final scores of 9–14 at the end of set 5, the SWU Cobras won game one. Set one of the first game was won by the Cobras, brought about mostly by their successful spikes and blocks that more often than not managed to fall within the line. However, the next two sets were taken over by the USC Warriors, with sets two and three resulting in a 25–19 and 25–20.

Set 3 of game 1 brought about many breathtaking moments. One cannot determine which of the teams was at an advantage, as the scores were just playing around at the difference ranging from zero to two. However, despite the Warriors’ advantage — having two wins of three sets — the last two sets of game 1 belonged to the Cobras at 24–26 and, as aforementioned, 9-14. Set 5 was the game’s tiebreaker.

In game two, the Warriors immediately took the lead in the first few minutes of set one, doubling the score of the Cobras at 10–5. The Cobras caught up after some time, shortening the lead to three points, at 23–20, but the USC Warriors rose up and won the first set at 25–21. The Cobras did not give up, as they took the first two points of set two. The Warriors fought back, earning a tie at 4–4. Both teams scored back and forth, with the Cobras constantly leading by two points. The Cobras increased the lead at 17–23. The second set was won by the SWU Cobras at 20–25.

The first point of game two’s third set was taken by the Warriors, with the Cobras scoring right back after. A time-out was called by the Warriors as the Cobras led by 4 points. The Cobras then increased the lead, resulting in scores of 9–14. The Warriors caught up with a tie, with both teams having 15 points. The Cobras gained advantage once again, leading by 4 points at 18–22. This continued until the end of the third set, with the SWU Cobras winning the set at 18–25.

The Warriors took the lead at the start of the fourth set, taking the first point of the set. They took a three-point lead against the Cobras at 7–4. They maintained the lead at 17–14, with Yongco, USC’s Team Captain, repetitively scoring by throwing consecutive spikes at the other team. The Cobras caught up and lessened the lead to one point. The tension was high as both teams scored alternately. It was a narrow escape for the USC Warriors, but the SWU Cobras won the fourth set at 25–23.

The SWU Cobras won both game one and game two, making them the champions of the CESAFI Men’s Volleyball twice in a row. At the end of game two, both teams were asked to line up and were awarded with medals. Individual awards were also given. The best server was from USJR; the best receiver was from UP; the best setter and best spiker were both from SWU; the best blocker was the Warriors’ Yongco. The MVP award was given to Dave Cabaron, a player from SWU.’

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