The university’s Campus Ministry held an event that paid tribute to the campus’s janitors and security personnel at the gym basement of Downtown Campus last July 30 from 11:30 to 2:00 p.m., a day after the feast of St. Martha. The event was headed by Fr. Sherwin Aromin of the SVD, facilitated by the Campus Ministry and for the first time, was accompanied by different student organizations, specifically SAGE, JPIA, CPSS, CARES, SSC and SHOTS.

St. Martha, commemorated as the patron saint of servants such as cooks and butlers, is perhaps better known as the sister of Lazarus and a hospitable host to Jesus and his Apostles. The university commemorated the acts of St. Martha through acknowledging its everyday helpers by dedicating a day to them, giving them a free lunch and hosting a series of games and handing out prizes.

The St. Martha’s Day celebration started off with a mass, followed by the event proper, which consisted of games, raffle drawings and performances courtesy of the Dance Troupe and the Foresters. Prizes were handed out to the janitorial and security staff by the Campus Ministry’s representatives. The prizes for the program were sponsored by several organizations and a few of the university’s faculty members.

“This was a successful event because of the collaboration between students and faculty members in showing gratitude to our modern-day martyrs,” said Fr Sherwin, who, along with members of the Campus Ministry came up with this event to show admiration for the hard work and effort that oftentimes goes unnoticed by the members of the university. “They have been helping us have a clean environment, so this is a tribute to them,” said Dr. Vios, a member of the Campus Ministry, when asked about the purpose of the event.

“It‘s a great feeling to see them having fun. The whole point of this activity is to give back to these everyday heroes,” Midelito Jorda, a student who had been helping out at the event, said.

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