In anticipation of the USC Days 2015 commencing Saturday, the School of Engineering (SOE) held its annual “Engineering Pride” kick-off event the morning of August 20, 2015 at the lobby of Talamban Campus’ Bunzel building, with an open invitation to all Engineering students to show support for their “athletes and heroes” participating in this year’s Intramurals.

The event opened at 9:30 a.m. with a mass and a prayer for the safety, well-being, and blessing of the representative competitors, held in the yellow-and-black decked Bunzel lobby. Glimpses of the athletes in training were featured in a teaser video screening. Engineering students wore yellow in connection with the prelude to USC Days, and excuse letters were given out on request to those missing morning classes to support their college’s representatives.

Students representing the 7 engineering branches — computer, mechanical, chemical, industrial, civil, electric, and electronics and communications — were picked from the audience to unfurl banners symbolizing the college’s pride.

Among those officially speaking for this pride were the school’s candidates for Mr. and Ms. Intrams 2015, as well as their resident solo and duet singing talent, champion cheerdance troupe, chess team, and sports teams in both men and women’s categories for badminton, lawn tennis, table tennis, swimming, and basketball, all of whom were summoned and introduced in a bid for increased support. A performance from the much-celebrated dance group Kinesyx brought even non-SOE students into the audience.

Sparking the school’s competitive spirit were their slogans “We Shall Never Yield” and “Rise or Die Trying” printed on team T-shirts.

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