An end-of-summer recital and team-building activity culminated the music training of children under the tutelage of an organization envisioning a Filipino nation empowered with music.

Sistemang Pilipino, a non-profit organization offering music training for children,
held a summer concert in the San Carlos Seminary, Mabolo this morning. It was followed by a team-building activity conducted by the Chemical Engineering Council and Chemistry Student’s Association (CHEMSA).

Lianne M. Sala, President and CEO of Sistemang Pilipino, explained the history and purpose of Sistemang Pilipino and why they decided to open up a concert for the children.

“The main purpose of Sistemang Pilipino is to train children how to sing, showcase their talents, and learn the importance of moral values,” she said.

According to Sala, the organization started last April 2013 when they decided to get children from an orphanage called SOS Children Village and students from Zapatera Elementary Children where they began training in singing, playing instruments, and choir.

“After 6 weeks of training with them, each child improved with their talents. We even hold Christmas concerts for them,” Sala added.

All of the children involved in Sistemang Pilipino were divided into different choirs and musical instrument groups.

The program started with the choir performing “Panis Angelicus” for the invocation, followed by the national anthem. The program formally opened with two violin solos where the first solo was a performance of Bouree by Bach performed by John Paul Cosido and the second solo was a performance of Minuet 3 by Bach done by Angelica Fernandez.

The violin group took in and performed “Allegro” by Shinichi Suzuki, “Long, Long Ago” (a folk song), “O Come, Little Children”; ”Song of the Wind,” “Lightly Row,” and different variations of “Twinkle Little Star.”

The choir group performed Filipino folk songs namely “Bagbato,” “Sa Ugoy ng Duyan,” “Psalmo 150,” and “Leron Leron Sinta.”

The Sinfonia Chamber Orchestra, an orchestral group composed of teenagers and young adults, performed “Bagay Ko” and “Brook Green Suites” by Gustav Holst through the use of violas, violins and cellos.

The final program ends with all groups joining in and performing an impromptu of “Ode to Joy” from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. Each of the different performances was conducted by Sistemang Pilipino’s music coaches Mark Melecio, Giovani Tabada and Venus Bernaldes.

In the afternoon, the Chemical Engineering Council and CHEMSA took and organized group activities for the children. Each group was given fifteen minutes each to play “U Sack”, “Rock and Roll”, “Crocodile River” and “No Strings Attached”.

The cooperation of CHEMSA and Chemical Engineering Council was coordinated by Shiela Burgos, the secretary of the ChE Council, who also has ties with Sistemang Pilipino.

The children had smiles on their faces after they were able to showcase their talents and participate in games.

For more information of what Sistemang Pilipino does, visit their Facebook page and their website:

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