Fourty-four teams were sent to represent their Alma Mater yet only four teams went to the Finals. Before we delve in who won, these were the top 10 Teams:

– Team University of San Carlo Antonio’s representative were Weston lee and Milky Babilonia

– Team Chiu’s members were Giano Libot and Vince Cesista

– Team Ding Qua Qua’s members were AJ Valerio and Philip Mamugay

– Team Chill-iman’s representative were Clyde Gregorio and Anna Espino

– Team ADDU A were represented by Roland Umanan and Emiko Escovilla

– Team Suck My Cockiness’ representatives were Jayson Maulit and Mikkel Neri

– Team ADDU B were represented by Trisha Dulanas and Nice Mondragon

– Team Dino Food were presented by Shawn Capucion and Gabriella Echevarria

– Team Meteors were represented by Dustin Morales and Eri Yoshino.

– Team TBA were represented by Rene Gandeza and Paolo Alberto Martinez

This is the list of the top 10 best speakers of the USC-IV Debate Tournament:

The winner for Best Speaker was Giano Libot of Team Chiu with an average point of 79.8. Consecutively he was followed by:

– JV Valerio of team Ding Qua Qua with an average of 78.8

– Vince Cesista of Team Chiu with an average of 78.8

– Jayson Maulit of team Suck My Cockiness with an average of 78.6

– Clyde Gregorio of team Chill-iman with an average of 78.4

– Anna Espino of team Chill-iman with an average of 78.4

– Rene Gandeza of team TBA with an average of 78.2

– Weston Lee of team University of San Carlo Antonio (USCA) with an average of 78

– Milky Babilonia of USCA with an average of 78

– Roland Umanan of ADDU A with an average of 77.8

Winning the title of Top Adjudicator is Joan Nacorda with an average of 4.3. Following her lead are:

– Carlo Regalado with an average of 4.1

– Paolo Teodoro with an average of 4.08

– Miko Alazas with an average of 3.8

– Sunshine Mendoza with an average of 3.7

– Miguel Montecillo with an average of 3.6

The motions they debated over were as follows:

Test Debate:

This House (TH) will abolish compulsory military service
Round 1

THR media sensationalism during times of devasting calamities
Round 2

THBT developing countries should invest in sex tourism
Round 3

TH regrets the privilege of couples/individuals to choose the children they adopt

Round 4

THW mandate all states to contribute to a global disaster response fund

Round 5

THW ban the depiction of rape in pornography


THBT (This House Believes That) the Thai people should overthrow the monarchy


THW pay reparations to the victims of the slave trade
Grand Finals:

As a nation-state, THW does not allow the creation of autonomous regions.

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