The conclusion of the annual Talamban Campus (TC) Days was held yesterday evening, Sept. 26, at the BCT in USC – TC. The event, organized by the Collegiate Engineering Council of USC and hosted by Claire Codillia, began with an invocation followed by the national anthem and the school hymn.

Since the element of the night was fire, the candidates introduced themselves to the crowd wearing red. Cheers from the different schools in the university echoed the gym as their representative took the stage, after which a performance by this year’s Pop-Jazz Competition winners, Kinesyx, lit up the stage with a lively performance.

Leading the pre-pageant scoreboards were SAFAD’s very own Khyra Adams and Justin Velasco with scores of 9.30 and 8.59 respectively.

After a fire-dance intermission number, the candidates then showed off their course wear, outfits corresponding to their specific courses. Kemberly Gillamac and Renzo Chica of the Department of Hospitality Management won Best in Course Wear that evening.

The twenty contestants were all made to go through a casual question-and-answer portion prior to announcing the top three of the competitions. The questions tackled issues such as the legalization of marijuana in the Philippines, problems in the Philippine economy, and other questions correlating to the courses of the candidates.

Both titles of Mr. and Ms. TC 2015 went to SAFAD as their representatives, Khyra Adams and Justin Velasco, were crowned as this year’s winners. They were followed by Dwynne Divera and Paul Lagbo of SAS took the spot of first runner- up while Danahshau Daquil (SHCP) and Renzo Chica (DHM) as second runner-up.

It was a successful ending for this year’s TC days, leaving the students of TC bidding farewell to another memorable week of this semester.

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