The search for Mr. and Ms. CAS 2015 was held last February 13 from 7:30 to10 p.m. at the CAS Open theatre, organized by the University of San Carlos College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Council together with its 12 branching organizations.

The 13 gorgeous and dashing candidates were: (1)Tara Chen Ong, (2)Janzen Guzman, (3)Janica Cannan, (4)Dianne Infante, (5)Dwynne Divera, (6)Iris Jane Manloloyo, (7)Paul Lagbo, (8)Lawrence Tan, (9)Sean Diano, (10)David Suico, (11Jandall Go, (12)Stanley Cabahug, and (13)Claude Torre.

The event started with a stylish production number which introduced the 13 lovely and handsome candidates in their fashionable mismatch attires (with the ladies in yellow dresses with feathery headdresses and the boys in their nerdy grey wears). Each of the contestants represented a certain organization (e.g. English Major Association, Datalogics Society, Psychology Society, Carolinian Physics Society, etc.), dividing the crowd into groups of fans and supporters.

Hosted by Mr. and Ms. Intramurals 2014, Rafael Bacus and Melody Hodzson, the event proceeded to the Caribbean Theme Solo Wear wherein the girls wore violet dresses with blue accents on different designs and the boys going shirtless with fitting neon-colour shorts. Stars of the night were candidates 4, 5, 10, 11, and 12.

Winners of the following minor awards were: #7 and #6 for Mr. and Ms. Congeniality, #11 and #5 for Mr. and Ms. Netizen’s Choice and Mr. and Ms. Photogenic, and #10 and #4 for Mr. and Ms. People’s Choice.

Intermission numbers from USC Dance Club and Supremacy, and the awarding of Sports Fest winners took place after. This was followed by the farewell walk of Mr. and Ms. CAS 2014.

The candidates once again mesmerized the audiences in the Formal Wear and Evening Gown Competition. A pop jazz dance number was then presented before the giving of more minor awards: #6 and #11 for Best in Talent; #5 and #12 for Best in Sportswear, #4 and #7 for Best in Fun wear, #5 and #7 for Best in Program, #6 and #11 for LS Model Discovery award, #5 and #7 as Faces of the Night, #5 and #11 for Best in Production number, Best in Summer Wear, and Best in Evening Gown and Formal Wear.

The winner of the CAS Royal-for-a-Cause award certificate was candidate #5 for having the best advocacy which is “To fight against women and children”. According to her, she chose this advocacy in order for this very rampant societal problem to be stopped.

Major awards were then announced and the top three for each category were candidates 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, and 11. During the question-and-answer portion, all of them were able to deliver good answers to the questions given to them, which helped the judges in concluding the competition. “If you teach a man how to fish, then he will live for a lifetime,” (# 5’s) and “the essence of a true winner is not based on his positions or circumstances…” (#11’s) were two of the lines greatly applauded by the spectators.

The final ranking of winners was then declared: #4 and #10 were 2nd runners-up, #6 and #7 were 1st runners-up, and the crowns were turned over to #5 and #11 as Mr. and Ms. CAS 2015.

“It wasn’t easy for me because I’m a kind of person who’s not into pageants—for I prefer dancing. But my parents told me to try. Though I became a bit stressed due to the demands of the teachers, I’ve learned that it is important to be flexible,” said Mr. Go during the interview. Ms. Divera also said that joining the competition was indeed difficult due to some certain hindrances yet she was able to overcome them because of the friendship that the competition gave her.

In the end, all of the smiles of the competitors proved that they are true winners after all, for they’ve exhibited the value of sportsmanship, confidence and determination all throughout the competition.

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