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And that was as far as his count. It’s a complete year.

It was only eight o’clock in the morning, when Shela was standing outside the store, smiling, carrying her torn pocket. Shela had to wait no less than two more rounds before the store owner opened, but because of her determination to be first in line even higher, she was already laying a mat just so as not to get ahead.

“50% off on selected items” met his shining eyes. Today, she can once again buy diamonds for her only beloved child.

For more than two hours Shela sat down, “Lord let me go,” she whispered, opening the jewelry.

“And why are you here? How many times have I told you that you are not allowed here! I’ll call the police again if you don’t leave! ” gasurok screamed the owner.

Last year, Shela owed rings worth more than twelve thousand, and in order for her to pay for them, she no doubt mortgaged their hut. With little of what he borrowed from the mortgage, he still got only debt, debt to pay off the debt, and debt to get rid of new debts. To the many people Shela has met in her madness for useless rings, Shela has become a laughing stock in their village.

“I will pay. Look, I have covered the leadership of the other village, ”said Shela while showing the contents of the pocket. He counted the money inside and the owner just laughed as he watched.

“Let’s meet your man tomorrow, Shela! Your pocket is full of chickens, don’t expect me to let you borrow again. Lukata is your hut! Don’t you feel sorry for your son whom you just laid on the side of the road? ”

At the volume of the owner’s voice, Shela was still unmoved. Just buying the ring really fills his forehead.

“Hey! Why does it take so long? If you don’t pay enough to dig a grave for the dead, it’s free to steal the jewelry there! ” a middle -aged woman screamed from behind the line. Pirting laughed at the people when they heard this, including the owner and then dismissing Shela from the line.

Shela walked away gritting her teeth in anger and disgust. He went home to their seat on the side of the road and there he met his son.

“Where are my rings, Ma? Didn’t you buy it too? ” cursed asking his son.

“Aw… kanang, kuan man gud, Inday. Tomorrow is supposed to— ”

“What else? Sus! Just look at my fingers, feel it! These rings are so old! I know you bought it fake last year! ”

“Day, go ahead, I’ll just find a way we can go shopping for rings, huh?”

Inday is dressed to leave her mother to meet her addicted boyfriend while Shela is left on their mat shivering from fatigue and hunger. He was still carrying his pocket full of coins but he just stared at it and threw it on the road. She lay there crying and drowsy, she sighed. Shelah fell asleep at night and when she woke up, only the moon remained bright.

Shela cannot forget what happened to her that day and against her will she did not buy the coveted rings for her daughter. Shela is very angry with Inday’s boyfriend because he is addicted to lage but in her current situation, she is more than an addict who has been trying to suck for four days.

As Shela got up from her full day’s sleep, Shela suddenly heard the screaming voice of the woman in the line, “’d better dig the grave of the dead!” He nodded and walked away at the sound that remained.

“You’d better dig a grave for the dead!” the voice grew louder in Shela’s head. It was too much to scream and he was already starting to get dizzy. He even moved away just to escape.

“You’d better dig a grave for the dead!” Shelah ran and covered her ears. The woman’s voice repeated, rising, speeding, getting louder, until Shela chased the visible light and ran as if it were no longer possible.

“You’d better dig a grave for the dead!” the voice grew louder and deeper suddenly.

“O grave of the dead!”

Silence followed.

Shela was relieved and cried to the ground. As he chased his breath, he was just amazed that the tombstone he was sitting on, was broken. She quickly stood up and unbuttoned her skirt.

“It’s free to steal jewelry there!” the woman’s voice returned.

“I’m sure I’m crazy,” Shela said nervously to herself. Shela looked around but a few more minutes passed until she realized the cemetery was gone.

then he stood up.

“I don’t. It would be foolish to do that. ”

“But I love my son.”

“What do people think?”

“Aren’t they crazy about me too?”

“I don’t.”

“My son is upset.”

Shela continues to debate her conscience. At eleven o’clock in the evening, three hours later, he was still standing in the dark. It wasn’t until she realized her son was kind and understanding that she made a decision.

Three more hours have passed. Shela sighed and sighed walking back to their place with her son. Shela laughed, laughed and felt happy to reach heaven. Jumping, dancing, singing in the lonely night than in his hand, he had six fingers — each of them, wearing a beautiful ring.

“Sus, maybe Inday is happy! Gosh, you’re so beautiful! ” Shela’s shinagit-shagit dancing fingers. He stopped in the middle and laid out the road rings along with the parts of the previous owners. He counted,

“One, two, three, four, five, six. Hala, it doesn’t matter. Inday has ten fingers too! Why not ?! ” Shelah sighed and stood weeping.

Shela can’t accept that the ring she stole is missing. She also grabbed her fingers and ran towards her son.

In the distance, Shela yelled, “Mom! Eyes, Mother! Forgive Mom, Mom. Is it missing! ” He approached his son in great astonishment at what his mother meant.

“What is it? Why are you so noisy? ” whispered Inday.

“Ring, Mother. But lacking, Inday! Forgive Mom, Mom, ”Shela cried as she handed the rings to her son. When Inday saw the handles of the ring, she screamed, screaming as if she had seen a demon.

“You’re crazy!” cried Inday.

“Don’t be afraid, langga. Don’t be afraid, don’t be angry. Come on, let’s test here, ”Shela said with a laugh.

“Don’t come near me! You’re crazy! ”

“You are so cursed, ha! Hold your hand! ” Shela was angry and her eyes widened. Shela held her son’s trembling and crying hands tightly, and one by one she removed the broken fingers to transfer the rings to her son’s fingers.

“Dah, look so beautiful! You are so beautiful, langga, oh. ”

But suddenly his appearance changed when he saw that Inday still had four fingers without a ring. Shela’s lips were white and her eyes were red. Her two eyebrows met and her hands grew cold. Trembling, she slowly brought her son’s hands alive before he stopped crying, and he searched for his sharp head.

Eventually, all of Inday’s fingers were covered in six stolen rings. And now, Shela was counting Inday’s fingers.

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