Ignite Cebu, an intellectual conference spearheaded by IdeaLab, was held at Handuraw Events Café at Gorordo, Cebu, last Aug. 20.

This event was held on the anniversary of the first Ted X Talks in USC last year. Additionally, it is the first Ignite event held outside of Manila, where it debuted in 2010, as well as possibly the last to be held by IdeaLab.

Ignite featured 18 speakers, each given five minutes to tackle a seemingly random yet thought-provoking topic. These ranged from the daily income of a jeepney driver, to the beauty of Filipino poetry, to motivational talks, to ramen. Each speaker had to be concise and follow prose with their speeches; all were given limited time in which they were given the opportunity to say their piece, perform before an audience and to pitch in their innovative ideas to the crowd.

Bryant Gonzales, head of IdeaLab, explained that the underlying goal of Ignite Cebu was to bring back “nerd culture” to USC through intellectual discussions at social events. He went on and stated, albeit respectfully, that “the university is proud of their students only when they garner awards.” He considers IdeaLab to be in some ways the antithesis of the USC Supreme Student Council in that while the SSC looks out for the majority of the student body, IdeaLab focuses mainly on the outspoken minority.

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