Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

Just a little rain will flood the roads again. The former one-hour commute has doubled due to the relentless plowing of roads that do not need to be repaired. The cops you thought were reliable in solving crimes were the first to do nonsense. Instead of ensuring the welfare of the people, the robbers are being monitored even more. ‘You can no longer deny that the percentage of crime in the entire archipelago is increasing.

Also, politicians are just promises, we are always nailed. They are still the ones the public expects to bring development to the town but they are still the reason why their constituents continue to suffer. From this, it is no wonder that the rich continue to prosper while the poor continue to endure poverty.

Furthermore, there are laws that are supposed to provide financial assistance to those in greater need, but is it reaching the right path? Isn’t it pocketed by the authors of the law? It is very sad to think that Filipino workers are being turned into money factories while they are enjoying their cold office.

That is why in its depressing events in our country, we will inevitably be tainted by bad impressions from foreigners. We are miserable. Even though we have never done this, in the eyes of the judgmental world we are thieves, criminals, payers and all sorts of other insulting comments.

It is true, it is embarrassing, frustrating, painful and annoying to hear these allegations but even against our will we must just accept the truth. There it is. Even today there is still heavy traffic, rising commodity prices, tax cuts, theft and pulling down brain-crabs who want to rise above others. It still remained.

It’s sad to think but we can do something. Let us love our country. Not because it is stated on a page in our book on Hekasi or in the Constitution of our country. Nor is it because we are just engaging with friends or family. Let us love our country because we are a Filipino. We are born with a duty to the people and not just to ourselves. We have done many wrongs as a race. We can’t count how many times we have been belittled but let’s learn from yesterday’s mistake and correct it today.

We are free to choose where we want our ship to go. We do not always focus on the negative aspects of our country. Ultimately, we are still the ones spinning our world; our success is also the success of our country. Even if we reject this shivering and selfish people, the time will still come when we will return and we will still return to our homeland. As mentioned above, we are born with a duty to the people and not just to ourselves.

How many more heroes have to sacrifice their lives for change?

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