The Alpha and Gamma (Engineering) teams win over the College of Architecture and Fine Arts and College of Arts and Sciences. Both colleges were combined as one team during the TC League held on September 24, 2013, Tuesday, at the TC Covered Court favouring a score of 86-83.

Both teams gave names for their colleges. Gamma and Alpha are also known as “Tiglakaw” while CAS and CAFA are known as “Tigsakay” or “Tigshuttle.”

The first quarter started off as a clean game. As the teams got deeper into the game, both teams started to play rough, causing the crowd to scream out of excitement and worry. The first quarter ended with Tigsakay scoring 18 points and Tiglakaw scoring 22 points.

The second quarter started tougher between the CAFA and Gamma. Later, there was a struggle between both teams to score, but team CAFA moves the score in their favour as the second quarter ended with a score of 41 done by Tigsakay and a score of 38 done by Tiglakaw.

The third quarter got off to a shaky start when a player from the Tigsakay team got injured. The game’s rough momentum continues on to this round. There were a number of fouls committed.

Alpha quickly gained background as they shot victoriously. As the third quarter almost ended, Alpha stole the ball and did a remarkable shot causing the crowd to go wild. The third quarter ended with a score of 66 done by Gamma and a score of 57 done by CAS and CAFA.

The final quarter was a huge battle between the two teams. Both teams had difficulty in trying to score. Engineering picked up their game and landed a victorious shot. Later on, CAFA and CAS rebounded back after their earlier shortcoming and shot victoriously. By then, both teams were back in the game. Towards the end, the tension and anticipation intensified as there were only a few seconds left on the clock. It was the moment the crowd had been waiting for; “Will it be Engineering or CAS and CAFA?” As the seconds of the clock raced towards zero, the crowd held their breath to see who came out as the victor.

It was a close match with team Tiglakaw beating team Tigsakay by a very close 3 points as the scores were 86 – 83.

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