Student leaders representing organizations at both the university and departmental levels convened in the SAFAD Theater last June 6 to 7 for the 5th Carolinian Summit, with the theme “Think Global, Engage Local.”

The Carolinian Summit is an annual gathering of student leaders that has been organized by the Supreme Student Council since 2012. It aims to help participants realize their potential, harness leadership skills and build their own network while continuously embodying the Filipino and Carolinian spirit.

Hon. Janet Dawn Abines and Hon. Joelia Marie Lee Yu, USC-SSC vice president and councilor respectively, talked about the changes they made for this year’s summit. According to the two, the present theme was a result of the incorporation of “Kabayanihan,” which was the theme for 2014, and their vision on using the Filipino heritage to take on the world.

When asked about what they hope to attain by the end of the summit, Abines replied that they aspire to produce “inclusive and globally competent Carolinians who can strive and encourage to hone and discover their inner leadership potential.”

A series of Leadership Talks were conducted featuring an array of speakers who shed light on various advocacies, ranging from environmental sustainability to urban development.

Mr. Julius Bungcaras from International Justice Mission tackled social issues that continue to plague the country and different principles of leadership, including courage and collaboration. “We need to see that what we do in Cebu now will eventually contribute to global issues,” Bungcaras said on the event’s theme.

On talks about environmental sustainability, Mr. Enrique San Juan, the National Co-Convener of the civic movement Let’s Do It! Philippines and Chief Operations Officer of SEED4COM, took the liberty of presenting his passion for the environment and his views on leadership. “Localize it. Simplify it,” he said on planning future projects.

Representatives from the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc., led by Ms. Jenny Lea Tan, informed the students about their urban and youth development programs. With MEGA Cebu and Young Minds Academy, RAFI envisioned a more progressive metropolis inhabited by an empowered assemblage of young leaders.

In collaboration with 2xplore: Outdoor Classroom, an amazing race was also held by Mr. Segundo Abrea Jr. promoting experiential learning for the participants. 2xplore first teamed up with the SSC in conducting teambuilding activities in 2012. On why they continue to support these summits, Mr. Abrea responded, “As we help people develop and improve relationships and performances, we also grow as facilitators.”

On Day 2, student leaders presented their organizations via the “SO Plug” event to entice fellow participants to either join or connect with them for future projects. Another program, “Talk with the Admin,” gave participants the chance to ask questions on university matters and the administration to explain their side. Although all university administrators were invited, only VP – Administration Fr. Eleno Bucia, SVD graced the event. The concerns voiced out focused on facilities, fees, and the ISMIS system.

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