In reality, there is no physical form of the present time. This conceived “present time” keeps on passing and simultaneously becomes the past without short notice. The time continuum would only permit us to experience the present just as fast as the sound produced by our fingers when we snap them. As we travel through the linear path of time, we will eventually consume the activities to be experienced in the future and create many memories through recalling the things we did we did in the past.However, are these activities that one partook limited only through knowledge of the memory that has happened in one’s “present time”? Definitely not.

Portraits and photos are media that depict what happened during the time when the moment was created or captured. These media act somewhat like time traveling devices that aid us to view what transpired. This legitimizes that all of us are, in a way, time travellers. While we reminisce every second and minute of the events that happened while looking at our own photos, we feel something — happiness, sadness, exaltation, or just passivity. Although it seems absurd to find emotions by just looking at a random rectangular, flat object portraying miniature humans with rather unusual antics or movements that are forever froezen, undeniably, we can feel something about it.

The Carolinian community has its own brand of inventors of time travel. The Carolinian Camera Guild (CCG) is here to benefit us with more time travelling experiences. With their strong will, they envision to seize the opportunity to capture every moment and every angle that will give the future generation an idea of what happened during our very own time.

The CCG, according to their Facebook page, is “an organization that will be an avenue for students who can express themselves through photography — amateur and professional”. Not only do they accept skilled and seasoned photographers, but they are also positively encouraging those who want to learn more of the art to join. Kaisee Casio, the president of CCG said, “Passion, dedication, and as long you have the medium to take photos and pass the interview, so be it!”

It all started when Casio, with seven photography colleagues, agreed to put up a camera guild in USC. The inspiration behind the creation of the CCG was Casio’s affiliation to a camera guild in his previous school. Upon transferring to the university and realizing that no association that caters to their specialization exists, he thought of putting up the first organization of those with such forte in the university. He and his colleagues then started the guild in March 2015. They were still few at that time, so they tried to recruit for more. Surprisingly, 70 people signed up in an online membership recruitment, and 55 of them became official members of the guild as to date.

The fast rise of their membership may mean that there are Carolinians that show the same interest as the initiators in the art of photography. Professionals and amateurs alike could share with each other their knowledge and reflections. The guild being still young does not mean incompetence in their part. They have vast fields to plow for them to show the Carolinian community the sprouting seeds they have recently planted.

With the inspiration that molded their organization comes with the objectives that drive their vigor to go through the extra mile. “To enhance the Carolinian talent through digital arts and to build a holistic community through photography,” as asserted by Casio. These are some of the objectives that they want to pursue to maintain a vibrant standard that will maintain the integrity and unity of the group.

In order for these objectives to be realized, the CCG has already planned and prepared activities and programs for the incoming academic year. To name a few, they came up with the Photo Project and USC Photo Marathon. Not only are these activities exclusive for the Carolinians, but also for some communities that they will be selecting in the future. They have schemed to adopt a community outside the walls of the university to teach the basics of photography.

With the Carolinian Camera Guild — an agent for us to travel through time — we are able to situate ourselves in the context of the past even more. As we scan through and look at the photos that they have captured and will be capturing, may we Carolinians be mindful not just of the emotions that are shared in the photos but also imbibe in us the essence of the past: to replicate the actions of CCG not just for the benefit of one generation, but also for the generations to come.

If you are interested to be a part of the CCG, please refer to their Facebook page: Carolinian Camera Guild (

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