Benedicto College, July 25 – A special screening of ‘Boses,’ an independent film that revolves around a little boy that is unable to speak due to severe trauma, was held in Benedicto College.

The special screening was graced by Mandaue City Mayor Hon. Jonas Cortes along with a few Mandaue City Officials, Director Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil, one of the main actors: Julian Duque, Director of ‘My Paranormal Romance’ Vincent Villanueva, and some media companies such as Sun.Star, The Freeman, TV5, Manila Bulletin, RCTV. 

Organizations such as Sinebuano, Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Cebu Bloggers Society, to name a few, were also there. Government offices were also there such as the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and the Philippine Air Force. Aside from the students of Benedicto College and some invited students from the University of San Carlos, there were also students from the University of the Visayas. The special screening was organized by Origin8 productions, a film distribution company.

The film stars a little boy named Onyok, a victim of his father’s constant physical and psychological battering. The trauma he experiences has great effect on his larynx and he becomes mute. He soon finds his voice through playing the violin. Violinist Coke Bolipata plays Ariel, a violinist haunted by his past who later becomes Onyok’s mentor. The two become very well acquainted with each other that they later bridge the void of their emptiness and grief.

“Boses” is a beautiful tale of how two people saved each other from a tragic loss in their lives. The film is an advocacy against the dark and somber corners of child abuse. Many cases of child and sexual abuse have tainted the world we live in and have affected many relationships and families. The effects of such can completely obliterate the child’s trust while also giving them severe mental and physical effects. “Boses” presents all these issues to its audiences to a subtle light apart from the blatant and destructive cases of child abuse. The creative approach of director Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil makes it even more engaging by adding a few touches of passion and regaining strength.

The film was first released in 2008 and has won many awards since such as Best Film, Direction, Script, Performance, Music, Editing in Golden Screen, Star, Gawad Tanglaw. The film is endowed with outstanding orchestral talents- a perfect combination of social advocacy and music to heal all wounds. But of course, to fix a social issue such as child abuse would never be easy. This movie is intended to help raise awareness to its audiences through a more endearing manner where the idea of a child abuse- influenced film is not exploited but made into something creative yet assertive for a call to action.

Boses was written by Froilan Medina and was directed by Ellen Ongkeko- Marfil. The movie stars Cherry Pie Pichache, Meryll Soriano, Ricky Davao, Coke Bolipata, and Julian Duque.
It will be shown in SM theatres nationwide on July 31, 2013.

You can check the trailer here:


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