Argao residents were taught how to make household necessities after USC students and faculty conducted a skills training seminar in Camp Didasko, Upper Capioan of Barangay Capioan, Argao, yesterday. The camp is situated in the mountainous region of the municipality and is seven kilometers away from the highway. Coincidentally, The camp’s name Didasko is a Greek term meaning “to teach” or “to give instruction”.

The skills training and workshop, otherwiseknown as technology transfer, is part of the Skills Training Resources for Individuals Vying for Experience (S.T.R.I.V.E) 5e project spearheaded by the College of Engineering CES office. The workshop was also a portion of the program conducted by members of Linao Evangelical Church, a daughter church of the Bradford United Church of Christ, Inc. (BUCCI), to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of the church’s Argao Ministry and consecration of Camp Didasko, their evangelical camp.

Leading the skills training was Dr. Ronald M. Galindo, Community Extension Service (CES) coordinator in the College of Engineering. He was assisted by Engr May V. Tampus, faculty member of the Department of Chemical Engineering. Also facilitating in the workshop were Chemical Engineering Students, members of the Chemical Engineering Council, Chemical Engineering Society (ChES), and Chemical Engineering Club (ChEC).

The community members were given a short briefing and a video demonstration and tried their hand at making candles, dishwashing liquid, and bathroom hangers. They were assisted by the representatives of the university who also provided the materials and apparatus needed for the workshop. The participants took home their finished products afterwards for everyday use.

According to Engr. Tampus, the training was conducted to give the participants ideas for livelihood and business opportunities.

The participants of the training included followers of the BUCCI from the municipality and Cebu City. Police officers who were there to lend security to the residents also participated in the training.

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