The members of the USC-Supreme Student Council held a meeting at the VPAA Conference Room located at the Law Building, Downtown Campus regarding future projects to be implemented this academic year.

The council began by evaluating the Carolinian Summit and Week of Welcome: Kasadya – Pasigarbo sa USC in terms of sponsorship, backstage personnel, awarding, booths, and food committee. The council also discussed major concerns during the events and points of improvement in order for them to perform better in upcoming activities.

Afterwards, a number of projects came up for the academic year that would benefit not only the students, but also the faculty and staff. The first was the Global Village, a project regarding the empowerment of international students in being part of an organization. Its aim is to unite all Carolinians through different intercultural activities.

The second project planned by the student council was the conglomeration to conduct special training and seminars for student organization as it aims to increase coordination among student organizations. The project also aims to enhance the skills of student leaders and orient them on their importance and roles.

The third project aims to build networks and linkage among youth and youth-serving organizations. Also, the council planned a project promoting Filipino nationalism, the tentative date of which would be on August 31.

Lastly, the final project the student council prepared was to conduct the SK Reform Law. This project encourages the Carolinians, especially those ages 15-17, to engage in SK elections and programs.

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