The School of Arts of Sciences (SAS) Council of the University of San Carlos  organized “Abilidaray sa SAS” in the Open Theater at the Talamban Campus last August 24, 2016.

This annual activity aims to showcase the different talents of the students  through exceptional talents such as singing, dancing, and other socio-cultural disciplines.

The event officially began with a prayer, followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem and the USC Hymn. Everyone was then welcomed through a message by the Vice-President for the Arts, Gaven Cubillo.

This was followed by a song performance by this year’s representative of SAS and the firsr runner up in Himig Pinoy, Bryle Pajaron.

Various talents were witnessed by the audience as the students from the school sang songs, played instruments like ukuleles, saxophones and guitars. In between the performances, text messages written by the audience sending their regards to other people were also read aloud.

After all performances were completed, a chance was given to the students who still wanted to perform through an Open Mic in which a pair recited poetry, another pair sang a song and two more had dance performances as well.

The Best Talent of the night was awarded to Jude Pastor who showcased his talent by singing and playing the guitar.

More exceptional talents from the school will  be unveiled in this annual activity, Abilidaray sa SAS.

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