Today, the students and faculty members of the University of San Carlos participated in an earthquake drill organized by the university’s NSTP officials and volunteers. This drill was performed to increase awareness on proper earthquake safety, as well as preparedness in times of emergencies and future calamities in order to prevent fatal injuries.

The earthquake drill at 3:00 p.m., at which point an alarm signaling the occurrence of an earthquake began sounding. All students and faculty members were instructed to duck, cover, and take shelter under their desks and armchairs to prevent any possible injuries. Afterwards, participants silently made their way out of their classrooms and proceeded to the evacuation area. Students and faculty were then gathered in previously-designated locations for earthquakes and other emergencies. A caution tape was put up to simulate safety among students and faculty members and to prevent students from attempting to reenter their buildings.

A few minutes later, a search-and-rescue team and volunteers entered the buildings, as they would to scout for damages caused in the case of an earthquake. In the process, they performed the proper procedure used in finding and carrying earthquake victims to designated medical stations. Ambulances were also dispatched around the campus to simulate the providing of medical care to the injured.

Demonstrations of medical treatments administered to earthquake victims, as well as training programs on how to apply first aid procedures, were performed for volunteers during the building sweep. Afterwards, a member of the rescue team announced that the area was cleared. Students and faculty were then directed back to their classrooms and went on with their respective classes.

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