The USC-Electrical Engineering Council, in cooperation with the Carolinian Residents’ Association and Chemistry Students’ Association, organized the Electrical Safety and Energy Conservation (ESEC) Seminar last September 16, 2016 from 1 to 5 p.m. the Rigney Hall, Talamban Campus.

The event aimed to instill awareness on the importance of electrical safety and impart helpful tips on conserving energy through series of talks from three renowned resource speakers.

Engr. Benje Retuertas, the Safety and Security Head of Visayan Electric Company (VECO), gave a talk entitled Powerline Safety and Energy Conservation Tips. Engr. Retuertas discussed a short yet comprehensive overview of how VECO operates and caters their customers’ needs. He also clarified common misconceptions about electricity. Moreover, he elaborated on how to prevent oneself from being electrocuted and the body’s response when electrocuted. The talk ended with him answering questions from the participants.

The second speaker was Mr. Dann Diez, Executive Director of Sustainable Energy and Enterprise Development for Communities (SEED4COM), and his talk was entitled Relation of Energy Consumption to Climate Change and How Renewable Energy Contributes to a Greener Society. Before he formally started his talk, he asked random students in the venue to cite questions on his topic that later he answered in the course of his talk. Mr. Diez also shared his experiences being an active advocate for a clean and green world through a presentation about his founded non-government organization, the SEED4COM, which works to help reach impoverish areas around the country.

Engr. Nestor Archival, an advocate for energy efficiency and renewable energy, presented a short talk on simple means to minimize energy consumption at home such as unplugging unused appliances to cut cost in electrical bills. He also encouraged everyone to somehow invest on renewable energy sources. Engr. Archival also shared some tips on practical electrical engineering design in houses to some of the Electrical Engineering students, and insights on choosing the best material in constructing residential homes.

At the end of every talk, open discussions and awarding of certificates and tokens were initiated.

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