Last Sunday, October 9, 2016, news circulated on Facebook of a resident from the USC Dormitory witnessing a concessionaire killing a stray dog by means of a rope at the upper floor of the New Dormitory.

Since then, many allegations and assertions have been claimed, including that of the dormitory administration giving the order of killing the animal.

The dorm admin later confirmed that Ronald Acenas, a concessionaire of the dormitory canteen, indeed killed the dog. It was investigated last Saturday along with the accused, Fr. Bucia and the dorm supervisor, Mrs. Celestina Salapa.

In the CCTV recordings, the accused was seen tying a rope around the dog’s neck and hanging it.

The admin also mentioned that Acenas was not ordered to kill the animal, though they do have SOPs wherein the stray dogs are to be placed in cages provided by “Will Do’’ Pest Control Services and transported to the city pound. In the wake of this event, the administration stated that the school has considered providing more of these cages around the university.

The accused bears no mental instability whatsoever. In his statement, he said that what he did was a matter of self-defense. He also mentioned that the said dog has been heckling the dormers and the people in the dormitory. For three days, he has been telling off the animal. But during the last encounter, he said, “’Gi abo nako, niya pag abo nako, ‘gi aksyonan man k’og paak. Mao ‘tong gidakop jud nako siya. Tungod sa kalagot nako, wa nako naka kuan, ako na jud siyang gipatay”. Cases from foul dorms to more severe ones wherein a student got bitten have already happened.

The investigation for the case of Mr. Acenas is still ongoing.

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