Carolinians gathered for a night of festivity and camaraderie in “GADJA: The Carolinian Persona” held at the USC Talamban Campus Basketball Court on August 27, 2016, 3:00 p.m.

GADJA, organized by the USC Student Supreme Council (SSC), is the final act of the USC Days 2016, attended by university alumni and current Carolinians alike.  Aside from the opening and closing ceremonies of the USC Days, Students’ Night is also one of the most awaited events of Carolinian partygoers.

This year’s theme was intended to promote Carolinian unity amidst diversity, presenting a holistic Carolinian persona. SSC Councilor Dorothie Lazala was proud to present the event, saying, “The main purpose of the Students’ Night is for it to serve as a fun ender of the USC Days, to relieve stress because of the pressures of the midterms week and, of course, to get the Carolinians acquainted with each other. ‘GADJA: The Carolinian Persona’ hopes to bring all these to the Carolinians.”

True to its aim, the event showcased the diversified talents of Carolinians. Singer Chiara Alontaga, band CHASING DAISIES and DJs Sean Tuico, Toffi Jamiro and Jabbie Azanza presented before the crowd. Other Carolinian organizations, including Warriors Turf, USC Junior Jaycees, and USC Youth for Christ also participated in the event by serving the Carolinians through their booths. A rave party of music, neon colors, black light, and a water war was held to conclude the night.

The event was met with acclaim by its participants. Students, when asked, enjoyed the entire event and could not wait for next year’s, although the wait may be shorter than anticipated— the SSC is said to be in talks for another similar event. USC Days may have ended, but the student life—the Carolinian persona—still goes on.

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