Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

An open dialogue between the Supreme Student Council (SSC), the university administration and the students, was held at the Talamban Campus’ Rigney Hall this Wednesday afternoon, encouraging transparency and accountability while addressing student concerns, sentiments, feedback and questions. It is the first event of its kind in a long time.

SSC President Marc Raphael Ong gave a ‘state of the semester’ talk touching on the projects successfully executed by the SSC and its partners. Ong shared the council’s year-long internal theme guiding their activities: “Connecting Warriors. Enabling Leaders. Building Communities.”

On the list of activities thus far accomplished: USC iDiscount, revamped to cater also to alumni and faculty; the fourth Carolinian Summit; Warriors Fresh Camp, the first and biggest of its kind; the fourth Pasigarbo sa USC; the year-long advocacy-driven Student Ecological Movement (STEM); ED Caravan in the School of Engineering; Conglomeration of Student Organizations; the fifth Warrior’s Fun Run preceding Intramurals week in August; and GADJA at the closing of Intramurals.

SSC Vice President Khen Aquino reported on 10 of the council’s various ongoing and future projects, as well as three approved resolutions for the second semester which included Artibus Fest, Youth Day, and a performance appraisal of the SSC officers per semester.

The open forum followed and contained the heart of the proceedings, where students (as well as SSC officers standing as students) addressed questions to either the administration or to the SSC. Among the concerns were examinations of plans for the student manual revision, car stickers, tuition fee increase next semester, the effectiveness of faculty evaluations by the students, the recurring bothers of ISMIS, threats of blocked ISMIS accounts, the inconsistency of the security guards and uniform policies concerning black socks and colored hair.

Present to tackle these questions from the administration side were Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs Ramon S. del Fierro, VP for Administration Fr. Eleno P. Bucia, Director for Student Services Fr. Emmanuel Mario Sarabia and VP for Finance Fr. Generoso Ricardo Rebayla.

The forum ended at 5 p.m. Students who missed the opportunity to voice their concerns were invited to approach the SSC to have them relayed to the appropriate administration department. The students were reminded of their responsibility to bring up issues the administration might have missed and to initiate solutions, for the sake of improving their time in the university.

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