The Centre for Governance, Leadership and Development (C-GoD Lead @ USC) of the Department of Political Science held a Silent Student Mobilization against “Cardboard Justice” last Thursday, August 18, 2016, from 9 to 11 a.m. outside San Carlos Drugstore at the USC Downtown Campus.

It was a collaborative student movement of the Carolinian Political Science Society that was approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dean of the School of Law and Governance and Chair of the Department of Political Science.

The silent protest which aimed to express the department’s official statement against extrajudicial killings and violation of basic human rights was participated by political science majors and faculty.

A silent walk first initiated around the USC Downtown campus where the students raised placards with the statements “No to Extrajudicial Killings,” “Respect the Right to Life,” “Respect Human Rights” and “Uphold Due Process of Law.”

Afterwards, a cardboard justice demonstration took place outside San Carlos Drugstore where the students voluntarily lied down on the ground with their face covered to represent the alleged victims linked to illegal drugs. The activity lasted for at least three hours.

“The silent protest was done to make people be aware of the importance of due process of law and how we should ignite awareness and discourse and uphold it.” Stated Glyndyl Lambujon, a Political Science major who participated in the peaceful rally.

Lastly, according to the position paper of the Department of Political Science, they are one with the fight against illegal drugs but they stand firm and remain with ways that uphold the rule of law and the dignity of every human person.

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