Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

Now on its fourth year, the annual SAS: Pahulagway is conducted at the Lawrence Bunzel building, University of San Carlos – Technological Center, last August 24, 2016. This year’s theme is focused on three categories: surrealism, environmental campaign and proud to be Carolinian as disclosed by Francis Chino Lopez, Assistant Vice-President of Dynamic Communication Society (DynaCom).

Paghulagway is an annual digital exhibit organized by DynaCom. In the local vernacular, Paghulagway means “to depict”. The exhibit features the creative works of students enrolled in ICT122 Multimedia: Image Processing. In addition to this, it was pilot-launched way back 2014 as a digital exhibit which aims to showcase the ICT122 students’ creativity and learning insights of the course through digital posters.

“The event aims to showcase the students’ capabilities and talents on photography and Photoshop editing. Nothing has changed with this year’s Paghulagway, it is only the theme which has changed. And Paghulagway will continue to remain the same,” said Lopez.

Images on deforestation, flood, the Earth drowning and abstract pictures conveyed message of the harmful effects of industrialization towards the environment and humans.  Moreover, students also incorporated humans or themselves into their output, such as making themselves small, looking like giants and making themselves on fire.

When asked about what is the impact of Paghulagway to the student body, DynaCom President Arrissa Niimi said, “For the students, we like them to be happy, since they were able to showcase their skills in editing and photography. And through this exhibit, it could encourage the students to see what they can do now and in the future.”

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