Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

The university’s Supreme Student Council (SSC), together with the officers of different USC student organizations, gathered for the re-deliberation of the Magna Carta of Students’ Rights last July 22, 2016 at the Arthur Dingman Hall, USC Downtown Campus. The sole purpose of the deliberation is to present the draft of the Magna Carta of Students’ Rights and Welfare to the presidents and/or representatives of the different student organizations and for them to voice out their concerns and suggestions that will subsequently be part of the final draft of the Magna Carta, upon considerations of the ad hoc SSC committee on Students’ Rights and Welfare.

Incumbent SSC vice-president and SSC chairperson for Students’ Rights and Welfare Janet Dawn Abines added that, “For the last 2 years, there have been deliberations, but we have to re-deliberate, because the organizations now have different problems. In that case, we have to make sure that the Magna Carta is timely and relevant.”

SSC councilors, namely Hon. Norch Honoridez, Hon. Kristian Pajanonot and Hon. Honeybabe Tagalog, presented the whole draft of the Magna Carta in front of the SO’s officers. As of writing, the Magna Carta of Students’ Rights is composed of 3 main articles: Article I: General Principles; Article II: Students’ Rights; and Article III: Final Provisions.

Upon further deliberation, suggestions and comments were catered. Along with these were concerns raised by SO’s officers such as some student organizations having no access towards student development funds, improvement of hygienic and sanitation areas, inadequacy of certain university facilities, and the use of students’ intellectual property as they conduct their thesis studies or research. In addition, the proper dress code was also raised to be included inside the Magna Carta and clarifications regarding the circumstances under which university guards may confiscate students’ IDs.

When asked about how Carolinians would benefit from the Magna Carta, SSC vice-preisdent Janet  Dawn Abines  said that, “The Magna Carta will serve as the shield of the students’ rights, in case our rights are stepped upon by the admin. Because as you can see in our manual, the provisions are so vague. The Magna Carta is the entrainment in which is it is really detailed, wherein we can pinpoint and defend ourselves using the Magna Carta of Students’ Rights.”

The deliberation was concluded by the SSC disclosing that the student Magna Carta awareness campaign would happen this year. The SSC also added that they are looking forward to another deliberation with the SOs for the finalization of the draft of Magna Carta prior to it being presented to the university’s administrators.

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