The University of the Visayas’ Green Lancers hindered the University of San Carlos’ Warriors from attaining their goal of a 2-0 standing with their victory during the second game of the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Incorporated (CESAFI) finals. Cebu Coliseum, once again, catered to game two of the best-of-five series between the Warriors and the Lancers.

However, amidst the hype of the competition, a few moments of silence were allotted to pray for the souls of USPF Coach Ernesto Remedio and the daughter of basketball player Roel Gomez, formerly hailed Ms. CESAFI.

Even in the first quarter of the game, the Lancers already had their fire burning under Jun Manzo’s wing with an eight-point lead against the Warriors, ending with a score of 22-14.

The second quarter did not make any difference for the Warriors. Several fouls and multiple free-throws in favor of the Lancers landed them on a 41-27 standing, causing them to fall short by 14 points.

To fill in the half-time break of the game, the UV Green Lancers’ cheering squad entertained the crowd with their showcase of stunts and dance moves.

Despite a few successful attempts at making a shot, the Warriors were still unable to keep up with the Lancers’ fuel for triumph. The pride of UV were able to elevate their lead from 14 points to 20, with a score of 56-36.

During the very last quarter, Shooster Olago and Ian Jefferson Tagapan of the USC Warriors, stepped up their game with several power shots during the last few seconds, earning 26 and 17 point, respectively. Although left defeated, they were still able to close the gap by seven points.

In the end, the UV Green Lancers reigned as victors with a score of 70-63. In addition, Manzo was declared best player for this round with 20 points.

Game three of the series will be held on October 15, 2015 at the Cebu Coliseum.

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