Professional singer, German national, and also proclaimed as the number one pet rescuer in the Visayas, Imanuel Willburger-Wild, organized a pet adoption event at SM Consolacion last June 20, 2016.

The said event allowed people to adopt puppies or kittens that were rescued from the streets or from city pounds by a group led by Willburger-Wild called the Rescue Wild Crew. The team rescues 300 dogs and cats per year from Toledo and Talisay Cities in southern Cebu up to Danao City in northern Cebu. They take care of the rescued animals until they are ready for adoption. Furthermore, these animals are already pre-vaccinated and dewormed.

In an interview, the German national said that it was never in his plan to rescue these animals. But when he was jogging one day, he found two puppies abandoned in a creek. Filled with pity, he brought them home. Three days later, he found another five puppies and none of the people in that place claimed to have owned them. Another three weeks later, he found another puppy.

He just kept rescuing puppies but every day, the rescued pets grew in number. He then decided to ask help from mall managements and asked if he could just present his pets so people could adopt them. But he was turned down many times because he did not belong to any organization, which was a requirement for a pet adoption event.

He was finally permitted to present his puppies when he said that he was a singer. That was where it all started. Willburger-Wild began organizing concerts-for-a-cause where he performs for five to six hours to attract people to his puppies for adoption.

Due to the good reputation that he earned for being a consistent pet rescuer in the Visayas, he was supported by Cebu City Veterinarians, City Government of Danao and Provincial Office of Veterinarians. He is even contacted by city pounds to help them save the dogs scheduled for euthanasia as the city pounds make room for more stray animals.

Willburger-Wild now has 100 dogs and cats in his house in Liloan, Cebu and is still continuing his mission to save them. “Rescuing is an addiction. Once you start, you cannot stop,” he added.

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