The Department of Nursing of the School of Health Care Professions held its first stakeholders and alumni forum in Arthur Dingman Hall, Downtown Campus last Aug. 23, 2016.

The forum was headed by the Department of Nursing with its chairman, Br. Noel Tecson, SVD. The invited guests in the whole day discussion were previous deans and chairpersons, faculty, BS Nursing students, representatives from professional nurse groups and chief nurses from affiliated hospitals, such as CCMC, Vicente Sotto, PSH, Eversley and SAMCH.

With the theme “Aligning Renewed Vision with Educational Outcomes”, the forum’s main objective was to discuss the progress in nursing education, find ways on how to improve the curriculum in the university and create a DON-based alumni chapter.

Facilitated by Nurse Dennis A. Adlawan, the different guests shared their opinion and sentiments about the USC BS–N Curriculum, which is now OBE-based. Along with their experiences as student nurses and clinical professionals, they were able to pinpoint the strong and weak points of the curriculum.

One of the weak points strongly highlighted was about mental health. It was mentioned that it may be offered, but not emphasized. Only the curative area is being taught, no before and after care, hence resulting in poor coping mechanisms in the patients, especially in the Philippines.

Nevertheless, the guests from affiliated hospitals gave high praises to Carolinian nurses. One of the reasons for this was the immersion of religious education in the curriculum, making it a holistic course. It was a unanimous notion that it should retain in the curriculum. Other than being Christ-centered, the communication, leadership and technical skills of the Carolinian nurses were also given recognition. Another aspect was the OBE curriculum in the university, which is able to produce competent and knowledge-seeking nurses, according to one chief nurse.

Some of the suggestions stated in the dialogue were to develop the students’ critical thinking, allot more time for practice and get rid of the idea that going abroad is the main purpose because local sectors still need nurses.

The talk ended with closing remarks from Nurse Br. Noel Tecson, SVD.

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