To gather support for the representatives of the College of Engineering for the different intramural games, the College of Engineering celebrated its annual Engineering Pride on September 5, 2014 in the lobby of the Lawrence Bunzel Building.

The said event was initiated by the Collegiate Engineering Council. Registration for the program began at 9:00 a.m.

In addition to gathering support, the athletes who will be playing for chess, tennis, swimming, badminton, soccer, soccer baseball, flag football, volleyball men and women, table tennis, basketball women, and the Alpha and Gamma teams for basketball men were introduced. The said athletes duly invited the audience to watch their games.

To entice passersby to join the celebration, the audience was asked to participate in answering trivia and playing games with prizes sponsored by GrabTaxi.

Additionally, Kreisha P. Zaubo, who will be joining Himig Pinoy as a representative of the College of Engineering, and Laurence Diao and GL Casinillo, who will be representing the same college in vying for the spot to compete in CESAFI in singing, duet category, presented song numbers. The Engineering Cheer Dance Organization also presented a routine during the event.

The program closed with a dance number from Kinesyx, the pop jazz team of the College of Engineering.

According to Jefferson Ombe, head organizer of Engineering Pride, the event was initiated to boost the morale of the athletes from the College of Engineering in preparation for the intramural activities. The event also sought to gather support for these athletes and establish camaraderie among students from the College of Engineering.

Ombre also stated that the event proved successful, as though only a few students joined the beginning of the said event, their number increased as the program continued.

The intramural games will begin on September 7, 2014, Sunday.

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