In line with the Society of the Divine Word (SVD)’s 140th anniversary, the University of San Carlos’ Campus Ministry Office organized its first choral competition, “WitnesSING to the Word”, on the afternoon of September 5, 2015 in the Rudolf Rahmann Cultural Centre at the university’s South Campus.. All of the university’s different schools were encouraged to send a participating choir along with an open invitation to all students to watch and support their representatives.

The event opened at 3:00 p.m. with the usual formalities and an opening performance courtesy of the USC Choristers. Of the university’s seven schools, only four were able to send a participating choir, namely the School of Law & Governance (SLG), School of Education (SED), School of Healthcare Professionals (SHCP) and the School of Business and Economics (SBE).

The competition started with SLG’s performance, followed by SHCP’s, SED’s and SBE’s. The participants performed a primary (main) piece and a secondary (side) piece with a 70-30 percentage scoring ratio respectively. Costumes and props did not factor into the criteria, so the dress-style of the participants was variant, with the SLG and the SHCP sporting their school’s official shirts, the SBE with a formal barong for the males and a sleek white dress for the females, and the SED garbed in the university’s uniform.

The event ended with SHCP finishing 4th, SLG 3rd, SBE 2nd, and SED as the champion. Along with trophies for the top three, cash prizes were also given: 15,000 pesos for 1st place, 10,000 for 2nd, and 5,000 for 3rd. Congratulations of the winners and picture-takings in the stage unofficially marked the program’s end.

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