The University of San Carlos – Supreme Student Council, in partnership with the Chicken Pork Adobo Network of ABS-CBN, initiated a talk regarding online platforms and media etiquette skills on October 7, 2016 at the University of San Carlos – Talamban Campus with the following speakers – Kiddie Rodaje, Jomie Hospital, and Alem Garcia.

Chicken Pork Adobo is a multi-channel network on YouTube, owned by the Philippine media conglomerate ABS-CBN Corporation. Rai Clemente, Content Development Head of ABS-CBN, started with an industry talk stating that there are 47.13 million Filipinos that are active social media users, 109.2 million devices connected through mobile, and almost 8 billion daily views of videos on Facebook. She elaborated further that the Chicken Pork Adobo Network is a multi-channel which creates partnerships with various social media sites and produces content with various creators online.

Alem Garcia, a former Carolinian also known as Cebu’s very own Ukay-Ukay Diva, followed the talk sharing his own humble beginnings on how he started his career online. Focusing on blogging and vlogging about his ukay-ukay experiences, Alem shared that it is not easy to lift up a career online. He stated that using ukay-ukay outfits is not something to be ashamed of. “Naa ra na sa gadala” he added. Furthermore, Alem shared that he has experimented a lot of social media platforms before arriving to his core platform that he is now known for today.

Kiddie Rodaje is a Youtube comedian known for his videos about the lives of call center agents. As shared by Kiddie, his career started during Typhoon Yolanda, wherein he wanted to make his fellow call center agents happy while still working in terrible weather. He said that in the social media industry there are people who are funnier and better-looking than he is, claiming it as a challenge for him to improve more.

In addition, he said that as an online content developer, one should know who his target audience is and at the same time, no matter how insignificant such content may be, one should always remember what the purpose of the content is and whom it would be delivered to. Additionally, he said that many milennials are posting rants through social media, which has become rampant, resulting in people claiming their social media walls as their own and expressing themselves and their own rights. “Always remember what you put out there (social media) is an extension of yourself,” Kiddie added.

Iligan based vlogger and content creator Jomie Hospital, famously known for his BJ Serye online, talked about content creation on social media. “You won’t run out of content ideas”, Jomie said. On the other hand, Hospital also added that dealing with online bashers is a great challenge once you decide to have an online content developer career. It is even harder if your friends are the one who are bashing you online, Hospital added.

ABS-CBN Head of Digital Media Services Dennis Lim succeeded the talk with his further discussions about the growing social media industry, wherein ABS-CBN sees it as an avenue for a new growth for the incoming years. Furthermore, he acknowledged the difficulty of building one’s content through online content developing, since it is not an overnight process. Lim also mentioned that televisions will soon be overpowered by online content, since today’s generation are already going digital; nowadays, the content shown to people by online content developers reflects today’s culture and society as well. “There’s still a lot of innovation we can do online”, Lim added.

When asked by one of the audience if it would be a hard task to find what content is suitable for his/her own career,  Alem Garcia answered, “It’s a creative process. Continue to experiment. It is a tireless persuasion.”

USC’s Chicken Pork Adobo Caravan ended with a picture taking with the entire audience, and a meet and greet opportunity with the local YouTube stars for the participants.

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