To the Man with Broken Dreams

It was funny, the way you were love-struck since day one.
Your stare melts glass

Your eyes burn through steel.
You forgot how to breathe at all.
Has the world gone from seven billion to two for you?
Have you ever stood so still ’coz you’re afraid you’d fall?
Fall in love?
Did the horoscope you’ve been reading everyday
Tell you that today is the destined day?
Luckily your friends slap your silly self out of your trance.
though it was too late.

Did the horoscope you’ve been reading everyday
Tell you that today is the destined day?
Luckily your friends slap your silly self out of your trance.
Though it was too late.
You can’t fall in love with someone you never knew.
But now you can. Now you know too much.
You now know how damn beautiful she is,
How her hair dances gracefully in the wind,
How her radiance sends your anguish away.
In her eyes you see a world of joy
A world where you’d spend  a billion lifetimes.
Has her skin been graced with twilight stars?
That glisten under the kiss of the summer sun.
She ensnares your heart like a moth to the moon.
Every person in the world loves a friend
She accepts your offer, calls you her confidant.
All people are presumed innocent until proven guilty
You will always be her friend unless proven otherwise.
You might be charged with the offense of loving
the most beautiful woman in the world. To you, that is.
She has no proof to accuse you of so. She has no idea.
You’re a clever criminal. You play your cards well.
You have planned this all along a few nights ago
With the fantasies you’ve kept secret for so long.

The next moments of your life seem like bliss
Every second with her lasting an eternity
Your head is so full of “love, love, love”
That your mind is always filled with the blood from your heart
You always look forward to her lunch-breaks.
You value every moment she comes to you
Asking, “Where are we hanging out this time?”
With a smile that keeps you on your toes
You might spill your bottle of feelings
That you kept concealed since God-knows-when

I see your obsession under the evening light.
You play it back in your head over a dozen times
Your one-minute conversations with her everyday
Your inbox is full with all her messages you saved
Carefully deleting just the ones that say “k”
So your mom can still wish you a good night’s sleep
Funny, because every night’s a good night sans sleep
Just thinking about what you two could be.
You write stupid poems like this one for release
For you hide your love from her every single day.

Nothing warms your soul like when she’s beside you
Every single hour, every moment, every minute
She tells you her secrets, her joys, her pains
You offer her your ears, your hankies, your time.
Whenever she needs you, you’re a phone-call away.
Your name’s next to her 911 for an emergency call
In case no one is there to catch her when she’ll fall
A friend indeed, you are. A friend you’ll always be.
A valiant white knight. A fighter for love.
A knight in shining armour any girl could dream of.

If only I could shatter the barrier between us
If only I could knock you out of your misery
If only I were able to warn you of the looming doom
Headed your way. But you didn’t mind anyway.
I saw the hammer fall down that very day
It’s been a year since you met each other
She calls you up the rooftop, wanting to confess
I could swear that your mind was yelling all the while
But all your thoughts are a fairy tale and fairy tales don’t come true.

“I’m in love with your friend, can you help me?”
She blushes, her cheeks as red as yours
Her hands are clasped to her chest, plugging her heart
She’s suppressing the feelings from bursting
The same way you held back yours a moment ago
It hurts too much, it pains my heart to see you smile
It hurts too much, it pains my heart to see you try to muster your strength
To still be her white knight, her valiant white knight.
“Sure, I’ll help you,” you answer, your lips quivering
I see your pain, your façade through your broken smile.

It hurts to watch you from the sidelines.
It hurts to watch your tower fall down from the sky.
I watch as  your wings of fantasy are clipped from your shoulders.
If only I could catch you as you fall from the stars
If only I could give hope to feed your dying dreams
If only I can give purpose to your undying love
If only it was mine and mine alone from the start
If only you gave it to me.
I would never ever throw it away like the girl you so loved did.
I would take care of it for as long as you live,
Your heart.

My arms are frail but they could still embrace you.
My hair is slight but it would dance with your caress.
My lips are dry but they’d kiss you all the time.
I’ll be on your speed-dial, right next to your 911.
I’ll be a phone-call away, I’ll be beside you every day.
If you’re mad and walk away, I’d chase you anyway.
Even if you love her, I still will love you.
I know you won’t reciprocate but still I will love you.
It crushes my spirit but I still will love you.
It kills me to do so but I still will love you.

It was funny, The way I was love-struck since day one.
My eyes filled with tears, having found my love.
I forgot how to breathe at all.
Is this the dream that I was longing to realize for so long?
My knees were weak and I fell
Fell in love.
I’m not a fan of horoscopes but I still want to believe
That today is the day I’ll meet my destined: You.
I waited so long for you to notice me
If I have to, I’ll be waiting for forever

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