Anti Pork Barrel movement; breaking the chains of corruption


As the issue of the Priority Development Assistance Fund and budget allocation affects the lives of Filipinos from all over the archipelago, numerous activities were made by the people to show their dissonance in different provinces and cities in the Philippines.

In Cebu City, there was another Anti Pork Barrel movement walk from Fuente Osmena to Plaza Independencia last September 29, 2013.. The propaganda was participated by different sectors of the society including the different schools parishes found in Cebu city. One inspiring act of the school administrations was their encouragement of the students to join the rally. Upon such, students were empowered to walk on the streets. Regardless of the burning heat, an estimate of 5,000 people joined the movement.

A Eucharistic celebration was then held at Plaza Independencia to plea that Divine Providence may guide them as they call for: genuine service in the government and service for the people. After the Eucharistic celebration, a program made of talented groups who performed their heed and representatives from the different sectors of the society who talked in behalf of their group. Sectors from the farmers, laborers, handicapped, students, working professionals and senior citizens embodied the effect of the Pork Barrel scam in their lives.

“Ang mag-uuma ang tigmugna ug pagkaon pero kami na nuon ang wa’y gikaon” (The farmers are the generators of food but now, we are the people who have no food to eat), a representative of the farming sector declares.

The P10 billion could have alleviated their lives. Their dilemmas have not changed. They feel that the government hasn’t really done anything that could uplift their lives. According to the the laborers and working professionals, the scam devastated their hopes in diligently paying their tax. The handicapped and senior citizens also believe that the pork barrel should be abolished and should be rechanneled to social services. Buying basic medicine has become a financial burden. Hospitalization has also become a problem as they are rejected by hospitals because they lack money. Budget cuts and Tuition and Other Fees Increase (T.O.F.I.) alarms the students of the country. The commercialization of education alienates and deprives the students from attaining their fullest potential. The students who rallied believe that the increased fees will deprive every student from the education they deserve.

The Pork Barrel’s main purpose is for the benefit of the people however it has only been benefitted by only few. Their dismay reached to the point for them to be aggressive in their call to abolish the pork.


Regardless of what sector you belong, everything you buy has and involves tax which is all the more reason to be aggressive as the nation’s progress is at stake. This scam dissolves every dream and hope we have in a brighter and stronger Philippines. How do we define an act of getting what is not ours? Yes, it’s stealing. What do we do if something so crucial is stolen from us? Get it and fight for it of course.

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